Cellular Services

iDAS, oDAS, and small cell communications solutions
for any need.


Your wireless communications infrastructure must be designed properly. This is simply not optional.

Leaf Communication Consulting brings decades of experience and expertise to your project. Let us help you create a robust wireless communications topology that simply works.

With demand for wireless services growing constantly, you need to ensure wireless service for your building, venue, campus, or business park. Regardless of whether your particular needs dictate iDAS, oDAS, or Small Cell technology, Leaf has the right solution for you with the expertise to make sure it’s done properly.

Leaf’s engineering and technical experts are trained in various network protocols, such as CDMA, PCS, GSM, iDEN, AWS, LTE and WiMax. We have decades of combined experience in the entire process. From planning to design, installation to testing and analysis, our experts can ensure a complete end-to-end solution that keeps your business moving and your investment working for you. Or, if the nature of your project requires it, you can choose to have our consultants assist your own team by providing their expertise for any one portion of the project where you have a need. As little or a lot, as you need us, we can keep your project moving forward so that you can grow your business.

Our Expertise

  • System Design
  • Site Acquisition
  • Signal Analysis (pre or post)
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Any-stage Engineering Services
  • Full Design Build Turnkey Services
  • Carrier Broker Services

Professional Services
An efficient connectivity solution is a must in today’s marketplace. Wireless customers are struggling to grow their businesses while simultaneously needing to reduce operational expenditures. By offering them an alternative to maintaining a full staff, as well as highly skilled experts, Leaf can help drive business efficiencies without breaking the bank.

Leaf Communication Consulting works with customer’s need to craft customized wireless solutions designed to keep any facility, campus, venue, or business park connected. To meet the specific needs of each client, we select just the right professionals to compliment your project and ensure a successful wireless network topology designed to support any and all cellular, data or multimedia needs.

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