Start to finish, on time and on budget.


Decades of experience behind every decision made.

There are myriad decisions to be made during the design and construction of a communications topology and every choice you make affects every other phase of the project. Choose wisely, and let Leaf help.

Design, planning, and construction of a complete communications nfrastructure is a very complex, multi-faceted, multi-phased process that takes time and rarely goes completely according to plan. Our experts have been through the process numerous times, and are used to the twists and turns, often enabling them to predict hangups and potential obstacles before they are even apparent.

Before the work begins, you need to have realistic expectations and you need to establish the proper foundation of resources, steps, expertise, and labor for your project. Leaf makes sure that you are set up for success before the project even begins, thereby reducing time to completion, increasing efficiency, and reducing the risk of wasted effort or unnecessary obstacles.

Our expertise doesn’t end there. We are an end-to-end consultant, with experience from OEM to jurisdictional levels. We make sure every aspect of the project is considered and there are no last minute “hoops” to jump through.

As your construction manager, we handle any necessary interfacing between labor, external contractors, planners, and even executive level leadership. No question is too big, no task too small. It is this attention to minutiae that ensures work gets done properly the first time and no effort or money is wasted. Every missed deadline means lost dollars, so we work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Testing, Analysis, and More
Just because the system is in place, doesn’t mean the work is done. Leaf Communication stays on the job, analyzing signal strengths, improving efficiency, and making sure any necessary refinements, upgrades, or equipment replacements get taken care of.

By the time we leave, your iDAS, oDAS, or Small Cell system will be function as-spec’d or better. That is our guarantee, we’ll settle for nothing less and neither should you.

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