First Responder

Infallible, secure, and efficient communications systems that
ensure Public Safety.


When failure is not an option, connectivity and communications is a must.

There are no excuses when lives are on the line, and clean, clear communication can be the difference between life and death.

In the event of an emergency, your communications platform is critical. Our expert consultants can help you engineer, design, and test a complete communications topology that meets or exceeds NFPA® 72, IFC, or any other state adopted codes.

Our expertise means a full turnkey operation with end-to-end support.  From initial designs to completed builds, Leaf Communication can manage every aspect of the project to ensure on-time/on-budget, quality, code compliance, and much more.

RF Analysis
Determining future needs can be a critical component when developing a public safety communications network.  Be it UHF, VHF, or a 700/800 MHz public safety service, the system’s future could depend upon careful planning and verification that all your signal strengths will be up to spec, even if your building isn’t up yet. By reverse engineering current signal levels, Leaf can predict needs and develop a system that meets any necessary requirements. Once the system is up and running, we also offer complete First Responder System testing to decipher if any last minute tweaks are necessary.

Upgrades and retrofits are also great opportunities to utilize the expertise of our consultants, it doesn’t need to be a construction project. Existing infrastructures can also be evaluated, tested, and improved to ensure they continue to meet any and all existing codes or standards.

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